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Excessive heat


What is a ‘heat wave’?

Heat wave conditions are specifically when excessively high temperatures combine with high humidity levels and are sustained over a number of days. That means that although the predicted maximum temperature for a region may be in the mid-to-high 30s, unless this coincides with high humidity and lasts for a few days, it is considered ‘hot’ rather than a ‘heat wave’. In South East Queensland, the Bureau of Meteorology will issue advice to Queensland Health when apparent temperatures are forecast to exceed 35 in Brisbane and 37 in Amberley, for at least two consecutive days.

Closing the school

The authority to close a school, even on a temporary basis, rests with the Minister for Education and Training.  Education Queensland schools remain open during periods of excessive heat and students are not sent home during periods of excessive heat.

Our strategies to manage excessive heat

Southport State School puts in place a number of strategies to manage during periods of excessive heat and thereby reduce the associated discomfort and risks of student or staff heat-related illness. Our strategies to manage in periods of excessive heat include:

  • Communicate to families via sms, school website and school sign that heat wave conditions are imminent;
  • Both indoor and outdoor activities are confined to cooler and shady areas;
  • Students are encouraged to drink water on a regular basis. Water bottles are used in class;
  • Some activities may be postponed or cancelled at the discretion of the Principal;
  • Some areas of the school may be closed to student access at the discretion of the Principal;
  • Students with special health needs (eg. diabetes) are monitored closely;
  • Continue to provide adequate and regular first aid procedures in the event of heat related reactions;
  • Ensure that families are contacted in the possible event of children suffering heat stress; and
  • Maintain our Sun Smart procedures.