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Rules and policies

Student absences

Parents/Caregivers should phone or email the school prior to or on the day of the absence on (07) 5531 9166 or email

Students require a written note and/or medical certificate if they are absent for more than 2 days.

If a student is late they should be accompanied by a parent/ caregiver and report to the student services office to collect a late slip before going to class.

If a student has to leave early or has an appointment they should supply a note to the Student Services Office from a parent / caregiver explaining the early departure. All early departures require parent / caregiver to sign the child out through the front office.

Mobile phones and other personal technology devices

It is preferable that students do not bring mobile phones or other personal technology devices to school. If students do bring a device to school it must be switched off during school time and handed in into the student services office.

If a student is found using their phone for any purpose during class time it will be confiscated, parents will be contacted and the phones or other devices kept at the student services office until the end of the day when it may be collected by a parent.

The school accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen phones or other personal technology devices.

As it is a breach of the Privacy Act students are not permitted to use any such device to take photos or video footage or record audio of other students or staff without permission. Any student caught doing this will have their technology confiscated and could face further consequences.


Homework is an important aspect of our school’s educational program. It provides students with opportunities to consolidate their classroom learning, pattern behaviour for lifelong learning beyond the classroom and involve family members in their learning.

The setting of homework takes into account the need for students to have a balanced lifestyle. This includes sufficient time for family, recreation, cultural and employment where appropriate.

The interest that is shown by parents in the work that students bring home is a great help in ensuring successful learning at school. Please check with the relevant classroom teacher/s regarding the pattern of homework set in their particular class. Homework is not intended to be a chore for the parent or the student but instead an opportunity for parents and students to discuss school activities and to help students to develop good study habits. 

Homework may include:

  • Reading
  • Formally set work
  • Continuing work started in class
  • Review, drafting and revision of notes
  • Practice examples
  • Assignment work
  • Assessment preparation

The following times can be used as a guide for homework:

Year 1              5-10 minutes reading and sight words

Year 2 & 3        Less than 20 minutes (some written-some learning work)

Years 4 & 5      20 to 25 minutes (children may have written work each night and learning tasks)

Years 6 & 7      20-40 minutes (children in these grades should be developing study skills and should be competent in written and learning work).

Visitors to the school

Any person who is not a student or staff member of the school is not allowed on school premises without permission from Administration.

Visitors – including parents, volunteers and contract workers - MUST report to the Administration building upon arrival.

Students’ birthdays and healthy choices

We acknowledge and value the celebration of a child’s birthday and a parent supplying a cake to share with classmates to mark the occasion. However we encourage parents to be mindful of:

  1. Our school policy and that of Education Queensland to actively support and encourage smart and healthy choices for foods and drinks;
  2. Some students may have behavioural reactions or allergic reactions to some foods (for example: high sugar, high colour & preservative, nuts);
  3. Some of our students and their families choose not to celebrate birthdays.


  • Check with your child’s teacher BEFORE organising your cake
  • Individual cupcakes are easier to manage at school and are a great alternative to a larger cake that requires slicing. We don’t keep knives in classrooms.
  • Cupcakes are available to order from our Snack Shack for a reasonable price. Please allow 48 hours notice. The minimum order is 24 cupcakes.

Pets at school

We do NOT encourage pets from home to visit our school.  Approval from the Principal is required before any pet may come onto the school site.


Dogs are frequently a nuisance at school. Our first concern is for the welfare and safety of students and the many younger children that visit each morning and afternoon.  While a dog on a lead may not seem to be a threat, the situation can often change when a second dog appears.  Please do NOT bring your dogs to school.

Dogs that follow children to school

It is quite common that a friendly dog in the neighbourhood will follow a student to school. We are able to manage these situations well.

  • We capture the dog and leave it, with water, near our groundsman’s shed.
  • We contact the owner if the dog has detailed tags on its collar.
  • If the dog is wearing registration tags, we contact the Gold Coast City Council.

If the dog appears agitated or aggressive, we contact the Gold Coast City Council immediately.

Please leave your pets at home.


  • Excessive heat

    Heat wave conditions are specifically when excessively high temperatures combine with high humidity levels and are sustained over a number of days.

  • Infectious diseases

    Recommended minimum periods of exclusion from school for cases of and contact with infectious diseases are outlined in the timeout poster.

  • Raising a concern

    During your children’s school years, you may have cause to make a complaint about an issue with their education.